LigTel Communications is working to deploy fiber to many new locations throughout Noble and Lagrange Counties.

Check your address here to see if we are working on your area or planning to build fiber to you soon.

LigTel High-speed Fiber Internet

We connect with Family, Friends, Coworkers, Customers, Education, Work. The world.

Connections bring us entertainment, education, business, social engagement. Our connections matter, and how we make them matters too. High-Speed Fiber connections from LigTel mean fast, effective, clear communications to all the connections we value.

Why choose LigTel Communications for your fiber internet service?

  • Local Company
    Our employees live, shop and eat here. We also have local offices that you can stop in to talk to someone.
  • 125 Years of Service
    We have been providing communications services to the local area since 1896. We are here to help you, for the long term.
  • 24-Hour Support
    We have support staff available 24-Hours a day, all year. We have a person answer the phone whatever time you need help.
  • Local Customer Service
    Our Customer Service staff are all local, and dispatched from our Ligonier Office. Need to come talk to us, please stop in to see us.
  • No Introductory Rate
    The rate you see here is our regular rate. It will be the same rate in 12 months. No games with our rates.
  • Free Router with Wi-Fi (Residential Customers Only)
    We provide you the equipment to get you online and get wi-fi in your home. Even better, we handle all the software updates and can even change settings for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. If it breaks, call us, we will replace it at no additional cost to you.